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  Quercus x alpestris
Author Boiss. 1838 Elech. Pl. Nov.: 83, n 178.

lusitanica Lam. var. cuneifolia Lange 1852
lusitanica Lam. subsp. alpestris (Boiss.) Nyman 1881
lusitanica Lam. var. alpestris (Boiss.) Cout.1888
lusitanica Lam. var. salicifolia (Cout.) C.Vicioso1950
faginea Lam. var. salicifolia (Cout.) Franco & Vasc.1954, comb. inval.
faginea Lam. subsp. alpestris (Boiss.) Maire 1961
faginea Lam. var. alpestris (Boiss.) F.M. Vzquez, M. Gut. & S. Ramos 2010

lusitanica Lam. X suber

Local names
Range South-Western Iberian Peninsula
Growth habit

to 15 m;


0.8-5.5 cm x 0.6-1.6; coriaceous; ovoid-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate; apex pointed to obtuse; adaxially hairless; abaxially glaucous, pubescent to tomentose, with 2 kinds of trichomes : short trichomes less than 150 microns long, others more than 180 microns long, irregularly distributed; margin undulate, irregularly denticulate to serrate, with mucronate teeth; sinuous lateral veins; petiole less than 0.9 cm long.

Flowers male catkins 2-4 cm long, perianth with pointed lobes;

acorn shortly stalked; cup with free, appressed, linear, partially basally imbricate, tomentose scales

Bark, twigs and

bark more or less corky;
Hardiness zone, habitat scattered populations, out of which it is absent;

-- In the past, it was considered as a subspecies of Q. faginea = Q. faginea subsp alpestris (Boiss.) Maire 1961

Subspecies and