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  Quercus undata
Author Trel. 1924
Synonyms hybrid between Q. chihuahuensis and Q. grisea or Q. arizonica
Local names  
Range Mexico, in the Sierra Madre Occidental (Chihuahua, Durango); 2000 - 2800 m ;
Growth habit shrub, no more than 3-4 metres tall;
Leaves 3-6 cm x 1-4; thick, leathery; elliptic; apex acute more or less broadly, seldom obtuse or rounded, mucronate; base obuse, rounded or cordate; margin entire or slightly dentate near apex, crispate, more or less revolute; adaxially greyish green, more or less densely tomentose; abaxially glaucous green, densely tomentose (sometimes moderately) with variable stellate trichomes; midrib with a yellow pubescence; 10-12 vein pairs impressed above; petiole 2-6 mm, thin, stellate tomentose;
Flowers male catkins 3 cm, woolly; loosy flowered, with anther glabrous and round.
Fruits acorn 1 cm in diameter, ellipsoid, 2-3 on a 6-10 cm long peduncle;

Bark, twigs and

twig 3 mm thick, densely yellowish-brown tomentose; bud brown, broadly obovoid, densely hairy, sometimes hairless.
Hardiness zone, habitat  
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Quercus;  
-- The morphological characters are between those of the parents; however Q. x undata is closer to Q.chihuahuensis
, but the trichomes of the abaxial surface of the leaves are stellate, as those of Q. grisea and Q. arizonica (they are stipitate fascicled in Q. chihuahuensis);
Subspecies and