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  Quercus patkoiensis
Author A.Camus 1933 Bull. Soc. Bot. France 80: 353
Local names
Range Assam (Nagaland, in Patkoi mountains ) ;
Growth habit small tree;
Leaves 13-16 x 4,5-5 cm ; thin; lanceolate or oval-lanceolate; apex acuminate asymmetrically; base slightly cuneate or attenuate; glabrous above; pubescent beneath, essentially at base and on veins; margin entire or slightly sinuate; 9 vein pairs, raised underneath; petiole brownish, densely hairy 2-2,5 cm ;
Fruits acorn ovoid or ellipsoid, mucronate, slightly truncate at base, 3,5 cm long x 2,6 cm in diam., enclosed 1/3 by cup; cup half-round with 9 concentric rings distinct from each other (the rings near the peduncle are larger, slightly sinuate; the rings near the rim have sub-entire margin); basal scar nearly plane;

Bark, twigs and

young twigs densely tomentose; buds oblong, 9 mm long, with long linear stipules, hairy, 1.5 cm long;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- A. Camus : n° 46 ;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Resembles
Q.yayeyamensis and Q.semiserrata

Subspecies and