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 Quercus garryana
AuthorDougl. ex Hook. 1840
Synonymsdouglasii var. neaei (Liebm.) A.DC 1864
garryana var. jacobi (R.Br. ter) Zabel
jacobi R.Br. ter 1871
neaei Liebm. 1854
gilberti Greene
Local namesOregon white oak ;
RangeWestern USA (Pacific Coasts); to 800 m; wide-spreading in Oregon; introduced en Europe in 1873;
Growth habitreaches 25-30 m, with trunk 1 m in diameter; ascending branches; crown spreading, rounded; short trunk;
Leaves 2.5-12 x 5-8 cm; oboval or elliptic; apex rounded; base variable; margin with 5-7 deep lobes; bright dark green above, light green, pubescent beneath with stellate hairs; turning yellow or red at fall; petiole pubescent 1.5-2.5 cm ;
Fruitsacorn 2.5-3 cm, sessile, elliptic, apex rounded; shallow scaly cup; edible, sweet; maturing in 1 year;

Bark, twigs and

bark light brown to greyish, ridged, thick, broken into large plates; twig brown or yellowish, pubescent; bud tawny, spindle-shaped, pointed, hairy, 6-12 mm long;
Hardiness zone, habitathardy; all types of soils; slow-growing; not for shade; may live up to 300 years;
Miscellaneous-- A. Camus : nį 265 ;
-- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Quercus ;
-- discovered in 1820 by David Douglas;
-- Nicholas Garry worked at the Hudsonís Company Bay and helped David Douglas.
-- Hybridizes with :
Q.douglasii (= x eplingii ), Q.dumosa ( = x howellii), Q.durata ( = x subconvexa) ;
Subspecies and

--- var. garryana : the type described above.

--- var. breweri (Engelm.) Jeps. 1909
= Q.breweri Engelm.1880
= Q. lobata var. breweri (Engelm.) Wenz. 1884
= Q. lobata var. fruticosa Engelm. 1877
= Q. garryana subsp breweri (Engelm.) E.Murray 1982
= Q. garryana var. fruticosa (Engelm.) Govaerts 1998
shrub spreading and rhizomatous, multiple trunks, reaching 2-5 m; semi-evergreen; leaves 2.5-9 cm, lobed, leathery, light green and tomentose beneath with stellate hairs (hairs with 4-6 rays); petiole 0.5-2 cm; acorn 2-3 cm, mucronate, enclosed 1/5 by cup; cup with flat or weakly warty scales; twig reddish, often glabrous, lacking stellate hairs; bud reddish brown, ovoid, 2-5 mm, with glandular hairs; flowers late spring;
mountain slopes in West USA, 1400 to 1900 m (Siskiyou Mts);
for some authors, Q.breweri is synonym of Q.garryana;
for Govaerts, 1998, the valid name of this variety is not "breweri" but "fruticosa".

--- var. semota Jepson 1909
= Q.oerstediana R.Br. ter 1871
= Q. garryana subsp semota (Jeps.) E.Murray 1982
shrub or small tree, multiple-trunks, spreading and layering, 1-5 m tall; twig red brown, slightly pubescent, lacking stellate hairs; bud light brown, 2-5 mm, with few glandular hairs; leaves yellow green beneath, waxy, pubescence not evident, with somewhat stiff, stellate 6-8 rays hairs; 1250-1800 m; Oregon, California;