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  Quercus auricoma
Author A.Camus 1936
Local names  
Range Vietnam; to 1400 m;
Growth habit 3 m tall;
Leaves 5.5-7 x 2-2.7 cm, elliptic, apex rounded,base attenuate;  green and glabrous adaxially, glaucous beneath; 6-8 pairs of secondary veins ; petiole 0.7-1 cm long;
Fruits acorn ovoid, mucronate, solitary; enclosed by bowl-shaped cupule, 1-1.2 cm in diameter, outside golden tomentose; 1.5 cm long peduncle;

Bark, twigs and

twigs pubescent;
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy;
Miscellaneous -- A. Camus : n° 26;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Section Semiserrata, sub-section Semiserratae (Menitsky).
-- for Menitsky (1974), this taxon is possibly only a shrubby form of Q.langbianensis, common in the range...
-- resembles Q.litseoides Dunn ;
Subspecies and