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  Quercus arbutifolia
Author Hickel & A.Camus 1923 Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. 29: 598 1923.
Synonyms obovatifolia C.C. Huang 1978
Cyclobalanopsis obovatifolia (C.C.Huang) Q.F.Zheng 1979
Cyclobalanopsis meihuashanensis Q.F. Zheng 1979
meihuashanensis (Q.F.Zheng) C.C. Huang 1992 Guihaia 12: 303
Local names dao luan ye qing gang ;
Range Vietnam; Borneo; China (Fujian, Guangdong, South Hunan); 1600 to 2400 m;
Growth habit 2.5-3 (-10) m; often scrubby;
Leaves 3.5-6 cm long, 2.5-3 cm wide; leathery, stiff; narrowly oboval to oblong-elliptic; apex  rounded, obtuse or emarginate; attenuate at base; margin entire; dark green and glabrous above ; silvery beneath with a few simple stellate hairs and 2-rayed trichomes along midrib, glabrescent; 5-8 pairs of secondary veins, slightly impressed above, raised beneath; tertiary veins not evident; petiole 2-8 mm long, glabrescent;

 female flowers with 3 styles, on a 2 cm long rachis greyish-white or brown pubescent, bearing 1-3 flowers;

Fruits acorn 1-2 cm, subglobose, hairless, single or to 3, enclosed 1/3 by the cup; cup half-round, subsessile or on a short peduncle, greyish-brown velvety outside, silky inside, 1.5 cm across, 1cm heigh, attenuate at base, with 6-9 denticulate rings; basal scar 5-8 mm, flat; stylopodium persistent; maturing first year in November

Bark, twigs and

young shoots greyish brown pubescent, becoming glabrous; inconspicuous lenticels;  
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy; broad-leaves evergreen forest, on slopes and ridges of mountains;
Miscellaneous -- A. Camus : tome 1, p. 358, n 78
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis
-- Section Semiserrata, sub-section Chrysotrichae (Menitsky).
-- Threatened (IUCN Red List Category : EN)

-- Closely related to Q.litseoides Dunn 1909

-- For Govaerts & Frodin, Q. meihuashanensis is a true species in China (Fujian);

Subspecies and