Quercus urbani Trel. 1921

Twigs very stout (5-7 or even 10 mm.), deeply fluted, from densely yellowish-tomentose becoming
blackish but persistently gray-hairy the second season. Buds rounded, somewhat tomentose.
Leaves deciduous, pandurate-orbicular, shortly acuminate, deeply cordate-auricled, lightly concave
between the aristate vein-tips, large (15 x 16 cm.), the convex glossy and impressed-reticulate upper
face glabrous except along the veins, the lower surface densely creamy-tomentose; veins about
12 pairs,
more or less forking, submarginally looped; petiole yellow-tomentose, 3 x 25 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual,
in yellow-tomentose spikes 80-10 mm. long, densely flowered toward the end; cup half-round, small
(10 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed blunt fulvous-tomentose scales; acorn ovoid, 10 mm. long, canescent.