Quercus toxicodendrifolia Trel. 1924

Twigs rather slender (2-3 mm.), somewhat fluted, from stellate-silky glabrescent, dark red with
inconspicuous brown or pale lenticels, becoming rather gray the second season. Buds glossy
brown, glabrescent, rounded, 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves deciduous ?, elliptical-obovate, rather
acute, rounded at base, serrately few-toothed or almost lobed, very slightly revolute,
moderate (2-3.5 or 5 x 4-7 or even 13 cm.), dull, glabrous, or somewhat hairy on the midrib
above; veins about 10 pairs, looped, the upper running to the short callous tips of the teeth,
petiole glabrescent, winged, 1x3 mm. Flowers and fruit ?.