Quercus subtriloba Trel. 1924.

Twigs slender (1-2 mm.), little fluted, dingy-tomentose, becoming glabrous and gray the second year.
.3 Buds reddish, glossy, finally glabrate, with setaceous stipules. Leaves deciduous, oblong, rounded
at both ends, entire or low-repand to somewhat spatulately 3-lobed or rather deeply about 5-lobed,
revolute, small (1-2 x 4-6 cm.), glabrous above or somewhat puberulent on the midrib, densely
creamy-rusty with rather coarsely matted hairs beneath; veins 8-15 pairs obscurely looping; petiole
very tomentose to glabrate, 1
X 5 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual, solitary on a tomentose peduncle scarcely
5 mm. long; cup half-round, moderate (10 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed tomentose scales; acorn
ovoid, 12 mm. long, glabrate, about half-included.