Quercus substenocarpa Trel. 1924

Twigs rather stout (4 mm.), fluted, glabrous and glossy, somewhat buff with prominent small lenticels.
Buds dull dark brown, puberulent, ovoid, 3 x 4 mm. with persistent dark stipules. Leaves deciduous ?,
obovate-oblong, obtusely very short-acuminate and mucronate, narrowed-cordate, from entire to
crenately toothed above, large (6-7 x 14-16 cm.), glabrous, slightly glossy above, dull and lightly
glaucous beneath: veins about 12-15 pairs, forked and looping toward the margin; petiole glabrous,
3 x 5 mm. Catkins ?. Fruit annual ?, mostly solitary at end of a glabrous gray peduncle 2-4 x 20-30 mm.;
cup deep, large (25-30 mm. in diameter), with thick-based appressed acuminate densely tomentulose
scales: acorn barrel-shaped, elongated, 40 mm. long, less than half included.