Quercus subspathulata Trel. 1924

Glabrous. Twigs slender (2 mm.), somewhat fluted, dull purplish with small pale lenticels. Buds dull brown,
glabrous, rounded, scarcely 2 mm. in diameter, the upper with more or less persistent setaceous stipules.
Leaves deciduous, obovate-subspatulate, very obtuse to blunt pointed, rounded at base or very shallowly
cordate, slightly undulate or very low repand toothed, minutely cartilaginous-revolute, moderate (3.5-5 x 8-11 cm.),
very slightly glossy above, dull and drying brownish beneath; veins about 15 pairs, somewhat indistinctly looped,
slightly glaucous like the midrib; petiole red, scarcely 5 mm. long; Catkins?. Fruit solitary and subsessile or 2 or
3 on a peduncle scarcely 15 mm. long; cup half-round, rather small (12 mm. in diameter), with slightly thickened
acute appressed puberulent scales; acorn elongated, 10 x 25 mm., about one-fourth included.