Quercus Rosei Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3-4 mm.), fluted, yellow-tomentose for several years, reddish
when denuded. Buds brown, woolly, ovoid, 3 x 4 mm. Leaves deciduous, elliptical
to obovate, obtuse to mostly aristatelv acute or short-acuminate, rounded, truncate
at base or subhastate to deeply cordate, entire, narrowly revolute, rather large
(5-8 x 8-14 cm.), bluish green, glabrous except along the midrib and slightly glossy
above, firmly rusty short-tomentose beneath and villous along the midrib, etc.; veins
about 10 pairs, branching and looped, impressed above, with the ultimate fine venulation
raised; petiole yellow-tomentose or somewhat glabrescent, pinkish, 2x15 mm. Catkins?.
Fruit biennial, mostly paired at end of a peduncle 3-4 x 10 mm.; cup turbinately
saucer-shaped, moderate (about 15 mm. in diameter), with thin blunt somewhat loose
brown scales, the margin inrolled almost to the bottom: acorn ovoid, scarcely 10 x 12 mm.,
half-included in the conspicuously larger cup.
Western Sierra Madre region of Mexico.