Quercus revoluta Trel. 1924

Twigs slender (2 mm.), somewhat fluted, glabrescent, grayish red. Buds brown and glossy. Leaves evergreen,
elliptical, rounded at both ends, entire, very revolute, small (2-3 x 5-6 cm.), glossy and glabrous above except for
the sometimes granular midrib, densely rusty-tomentose beneath; veins about 8x2, rather equally branched, looping;
petiole glabrescent, 1.5 x 5 mm. Catkins: male 30 mm. long, densely canescent, rather loosely flowered, the glabrous
rounded anthers long-exserted. Fruit annual ?, paired at end of a glabrate peduncle 2 x 20 mm.; cup half-round, rather
large (15-20 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed acute red scales somewhat canescent below; acorn ovoid, 20 mm.
long, silvery-scurfy at top, fully half-included.