Quercus rekonis Trel. 1924

Twigs rather slender (scarcely 3 mm.), fluted, quickly glabrescent and red-brown with
conspicuous white lenticels.
Buds?. Leaves deciduous?, oblanceolate, rather obtuse, long-attenuate to the rounded base, minutely cartilaginous-revolute,
entire or coarsely and repandly few-toothed toward the end, rather large (5-6 x 17 cm.), glabrous and dull bluish green
above, sparsely yellowish-cobwebby beneath; veins about 12 pairs obscurely looped; petiole cobwebby, about 8 mm. long.
Catkins?. Fruit annual, several near the end of a cobwebby peduncle 50 mm. long; cup half-round, small (about 10 mm. in
diameter), with appressed thin canescent scales; acorn ovoid, fully half-included.