Quercus rapurahuensis Pittier. 1904

Twigs moderate (3-4 mm.), fluted, reddish with somewhat prominent small lenticels. Buds brown, glabrescent,
rounded, 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves deciduous?, broadly lanceolate, acutish, somewhat acute or obliquely
rounded at base, very undulate but not toothed, narrowly revolute, rather large (3.5-6 x 10-15 cm.), slightly glossy,
glabrous above, somewhat stellate and with rusty tomentum in sheltered places beneath; veins about 10 pairs,
alternately fine and evanescent, forking and irregularly looped; petiole glabrescent, 2 x 10-25 mm. Catkins?.
Fruit annual?, solitary and subsessile or several along a glabrous brown peduncle 2 x 20-30 mm.; cup subglobose,
large (20 mm. in diameter), with carunculate appressed glossy brown scales; acorn?.