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  Quercus virgiliana
Author (Ten.)Ten. 1835
Synonyms robur var. virgiliana Ten. 1831
dalechampii Wenzig not Ten.
robur var. tenorei A.DC 1864
tenorei (A.DC) Borzi 1911
virgiliana var. tenorei (A.DC) O.Schwarz 1937
amplifolia Guss. 1844
brachyphylloides Vuk. 1880
tommasinii Kotschy 1871
confusa Simonk. in Kerner 1902 not Wooton & Standl. 1913
cupaniana Guss. 1844
lanuginosa (Lam.) Thuill. subsp virgiliana (Ten.) Jav. 1924
lanuginosa var. virgiliana (Ten.) A.Camus
pubescens subsp virgiliana (Ten.) Soo 1964
Local names  
Range S Europe; E Corsica; Italy; to the Black Sea.
Growth habit  
Leaves 10-16 cm (larger than Q.pubescens), broadly oboval, flat, base rounded or cordate, 5-7 pairs of lobes often rounded, woolly beneath, petiole 1.5-2.5 cm;
Fruits acorn 3-4 cm in diameter, on a short peduncle; cup with flat, lanceolate, reflexed scales;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat  
Miscellaneous -- For Govaerts & Frodin, it is a synonym of Q.pubescens but it is possible to give it a specific rank.
-- For Hedge & Yaltirik (1982), this taxon may be a hybrid between pubescens and petraea...
Subspecies and