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  Quercus x paui
Author C.Vicioso 1950 Bol. Inst. Forest. Invest. Exp. 51: 125

canariensis X pubescens X pyrenaica
or cerrioides X fontqueri

Local names
Range North Spain (Catalonia);
Growth habit medium size;
Leaves 5-11 x 3-10 cm, leathery, subevergreen; adaxially dark green, glabrous; glabrescent, glaucous beneath; apex obtuse, sometimes acute; base auricled, asymmetrical; margin sinuate with lobes acute, callose, mucronate, often lobulate; 5-8 vein pairs, sinusal veins obvious, even near apex; tertiary veins thin; petiole 8-15 mm, more or less tomentose;
Fruits acorn often sterile, 13-15 mm long, stalkless; cup with flat, silky scales;

Bark, twigs and

dark pinkish twigs, more or less densely whitish pubescent; buds 5-9 mm long, with scales obtuse and more or less pubescent; stipules persistent until fall;
Hardiness zone, habitat
Miscellaneous -- For some Catalan authors, it is a hybrid between Q. x fontqueri (= Q. canariensis X Q. pyrenaica) and Q. cerrioides Wilk.;
-- For Govaerts & Frodin, Q.x paui is the hybrid between Q. canariensis, Q. pyrenaica and Q. pubescens

Subspecies and