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  Quercus oocarpa
Author Liebm. 1854 Overs. Kongel. Danske Vidensk. Selsk. Forh. Medlemmers Arbeider 1854: 184
Synonyms glabrescens Seem. 1854, non Benth. 1840
insignis var. ou subsp oocarpa (Liebm.) E.Murray 1983
warszewiczii Liebm. 1854
yunckeri Trel. 1938
Local names  

Mexico (Chiapas, Guerrero, Jalisco, Nayarit); Guatemala; Costa Rica; Panama; 1200-2000 m;

Growth habit 6-25 m; trunk to 1 m in diameter and more;
Leaves 12-40 cm x 3-13; subevergreen; slightly coriaceous, chartaceous; oblanceolate, obovate or elliptic; apex acuminate or acute; base cuneate, obtuse or cordate; margin thick, flat or remotely revolute, slightly wavy, entire or dentate in the apical half, with 3-20 pairs of short mucronate teeth; adaxially green slightly lustrous, almost glabrous, with stellate, sessile trichomes having few arms, mainly on the veins; abaxially yellowish green, slightly lustrous, with rough, sessile trichomes scattered on the blade, essentially on veins; 12-22 veins pairs; the net of the secondary and tertiary veins is conspicuous; epiderm papillose, not bullate; petiole 3-5 mm long, with a rough tomentum;
Fruits acorn flattened, 2-3 cm long, 2.5-5 cm wide; singly or paired on a 1-2 cm long peduncle; cup half-round 3-6 cm wide, with pubescent scales, enclosing 1/4 to 1/2 of the nut; maturation the same year, in October;

Bark, twigs and

bark scaly, grey; twigs grey or yellowish, sulcate, 3-5 mm thick, with tomentum persistent more than one season, made of numerous, rough, multiradiate, sessile trichomes, 1 mm long; lenticels hardly visible; bud ovoid 4-7 mm long, brown, with scales pubescent along margins; stipules linear 1-1.3 cm long, pubescent, deciduous, sometimes persistent.
Hardiness zone, habitat  
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Quercus;
-- For Linares, J.L. 2005 (El Salvador), Q. oocarpa is a synonym of Q. insignis.
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