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  Quercus obconica
Author Y.C.Hsu & Z.K.Zhou 1998
Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis macrocalyx var. litoralis (Hsu & Jen) M.Deng & Z.K.Zhou 2005
Cyclobalanopsis litoralis Chun & Tam ex Hsu & Wei Jen 1979
hainanica Huang & Chang 1982, nom. inval.
Local names jian feng qing gang ;
Range China (Hainan); 700-900 m ;
Growth habit reaches 15 m tall, trunk to 0,4 m in diameter;
Leaves 8-15 x 4-10 cm; ovate to obovate ; leathery; apex obtuse or shortly pointed; base cuneate; margin entire or weakly denticulate near apex; greyish green beneath, tomentose at first then hairless;  6-9 curved vein pairs slightly raised above, as for the midrib; tertiary veins inconspicuous abaxially; petiole 2.5-5 cm, densely tomentose at first;
Flowers March to May; pistillate inflorescences 2-3 cm long, at axil of terminal leaves;
Fruits acorn 3-4.5 cm long, 2.2-2.8 cm wide, ovoid to cylindrical; apex rounded to deprimate; 3 to 5 together; enclosed 1/2 or 1/3 by cup; cup 3-5 mm thick, 2-3 cm high, 2.5-3 cm wide, tomentose outside, silky inside, with 9-12 concentric rings; basal rings always entire, others may be dentate; maturing in 2 years from October to December;

Bark, twigs and

bark greyish brown; twigs thick, at first densely tomentose, becoming glabrous, with small raised lenticels;
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy;
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Differs from
C.  macrocalyx in having  fewer secondary veins, and ovate or obovate, thick, leathery leaves. 
Subspecies and
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