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  Quercus microphylla

Née 1801 Anales Ci. Nat. 3: 264

Diagnosis here

Synonyms frutex var. uhdeana Trel. 1924
macrocarpa Endl. 1848, nom. illeg. not Michx. 1801
microphylla var. uhdeana (Trel.) A.Camus 1939
repanda Benth. 1840, not Bonpl. 1809
Local names
Range Mexico (Aguascalientes, Durango, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca, Puebla, Querétaro, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Zacatecas) ; 2000-3000 m ;
Growth habit small shrub 0.4-2 m tall, branched even at base of trunk;

1.8-5.5 x 0.7-1.8 cm; deciduous; sub-chartaceous; elliptic more or less narrowly, or oblong-lanceolate; apex obtuse or rounded, often mucronate; base rounded or subcordate; margins slightly revolute, entire or slightly toothed near apex (1-2 pairs of teeth); lustrous grey-green, rough above, with stalkless 6-15 rays stellate hairs and sparce simple not glandular trichomes; yellowish persistent tomentose beneath, woolly, with trichomes like those of the adaxial side, and also with simple glandular uniseriate golden trichomes; 8-10 veins pairs impressed above, prominent beneath; epidermis bullate and papillose, whitish; petiole tomentose 2-6 mm;

Flowers pistillates flowers on a tomentose peduncle reaching 1cm long, 1mm thick;

acorn 1-1.5 cm; ovoid, mucronate, stalkless or on a peduncle to 1 cm long; singly or paired; enclosed 1/2 by scaly, half-round cup; cup with straight rim, thin pubescent scales (except their glabrous apex) ; rippening first year, from August to September;

Bark, twigs and

bark fissured into thin, irregular plates, dark grey; twigs 1.5-2.5 mm in cross-section, glabrescent the second year; bud ovoid to globose, 1-2 mm, brown, obtuse, with ciliate scales; lenticels unconspicuous;
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy; prefers dry places;

-- A. Camus : n° 242;
-- Sub-genus Quercus, Section Quercus, Subsection Leucomexicanae, Group Microphyllae;

-- Possible confusion with Q. striatula but this species has more coriaceous, 1-2.5 cm x 0.5-1.4 leaves, margins nearly flat, bulbous glandular trichomes abaxially, an acorn enclosed 1/3-1/4 in cup, and is not taller than 0.5m;

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