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 Quercus x macdanielli
Author Green & Hess 1998 Int. Oaks 8: 16
Synonymsrobur X macrocarpa
Local names 
Growth habitpyramidal or rounded crown; more than 12 m tall;
Leaves 6-15 x 4-11 cm, glabrous and dark green above, minutely grey-green tomentose beneath; both apex and base variable; 5-7 lobes, with sinuses not reaching halfway to midrib;
Fruitsacorn 2 cm x 1.5, singly or paired, on a 3-6 cm long peduncle; cup enclosing 1/2 of nut, with silver grey velvetly tomentose scales;

Bark, twigs and

young shoot greenish grey, smooth, without corky ridges;
Hardiness zone, habitat 
Miscellaneous-- cultivar available : 'Heritage'
Subspecies and