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  Quercus x hispanica
Author Lam. 1785 Encycl. (Lamarck), 1(2): 723. , pro. sp.

hispanica Lam. var. a [gibraltarica sub de Gibraltar] Lam. 1785
pseudosuber Santi 1795
pseudosuber Santi var.(?) tlemcenensis A.DC. 1864
pseudosuber Santi var. gibraltarica A.DC. 1864
hispanica Lam. var. gibraltarica Lam. ex A.DC. 1864
mirbeckii Durieu var. tlemcenensis (A.DC.) Trab 1889
faginea Lam. var. tlemcenensis (A.DC.) Jahand. & Maire 1932
faginea Lam. subsp. broteroi (Coutinho) A.Camus var. tlemcenensis (A.DC.) A.Camus 1939
pacensis F.M.Vzquez 1996
gaditana F.M. Vzquez C., Pinto-Gomes & C. Vila-Viosa 2014
broteroi subsp. tlemcenensis (A.DC.) F.M. Vzquez & A.Coombes 2016

tlemcenensis x suber

Local names false Spanish cork-oak;
Growth habit

to 8.5 cm long; semi-evergreen; from oval-lanceolate (most often) to oval-oblong or oval; apex always pointed; margin more or less serrate, but always with regular mucronate teeth; adaxially sparsely stellate pubescent; abaxially tomentose, made of whitish trichomes with 6-11 rays more than 200 microns long; 6-10 vein pairs at an angle of 30-45° with the midrib;


acorn oblong; enclosed 1/3 or 1/2 by cup; cup with free scales (at least near apex), curved backward; bitter;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat
Subspecies and

-- The taxon named Q. x hispanica Lam. 1783, hybrid between Q. cerris and Q. suber must be renamed, following the work of F.M. Vázquez, A. Coombes & al. 2018 ; the new name is Q. x crenata Lam. 1785 : see this word

-- Q. x turneri A.DC (not Willd.) is synonym of Q. x crenata, whereas the species named Q. x turneri Willd. is actually a cultivar (= Quercus 'Turneri') of an artificial hybrid between Q. ilex and Q. robur (see the description here); but for Govaerts & Frodin, 1998, Q. turneri A.DC is synonym of Q. x pseudoturneri C.K.Schneider, while this name is considered everywhere as synonym of the cultivar 'Turneri' !