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 Quercus dalechampii
AuthorTenore 1830
Synonymslanuginosa subsp dalechampii (Ten.) A.Camus 1936
robur var. dalechampii (Ten.) Fiori & Paol. 1908
petraea var. dalechampii (Ten.) Cristur. 1972
sessileis var. aurea (Wierzb. ex Rochel) Schur 1857
Local names 
RangeCentral and SE Europe to Austria and Sicily; 800-1300 m;
Growth habit 
Leaves resembles Q.petraea, but leaves are thinner, oblong lanceolate, more lobed (4-7 pairs of narrow, irregular, subacute lobes), base cordate; hairless above, pubescent beneath (less than in Q.pubescens); petiole glabrescent 1.5-3 cm;
Fruitscup with diamond-shaped, warty, slightly hairy, greyish scales;

Bark, twigs and

twigs hairless; terminal buds often with persistent stipules;
Hardiness zone, habitatprefers dry, rocky soils;
Miscellaneous-- this taxon is perhaps a hybrid with Q.petraea; it shows, like Q.pubescens, buds often silky, leaves with tertiary veins and pubescence beneath; like Q.petraea, it shows a long petiole, and mature leaves nearly glabrous;
-- for Govaerts & Frodin, it is a true species.
-- for Menitsky (1974), it a synonym of Q.petraea subsp medwediewii, itself product of the introgression of genes of Q.pubescens into Q.petraea.
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