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  Quercus congesta
Author C.Presl. 1822
Synonyms robur var. congesta (C.Presl) Borzi 1880
pubescens var. congesta (C.Presl) Strobl 1881
insularis Borzi 1911
minaae Lojac. 1907
leptobalana Guss. 1844
longiglandis Vuk. 1880
stenobalana Guss. 1844
ucriae Borzi 1911
lanuginosa subsp congesta (C.Presl) Nyman 1881
lanuginosa var. congesta (C.Presl) Gurke 1897
vulcanica pinnatifida Borzi 1911
vulcanica var. nebrodensis Borzi 1905
Local names  
Range Sardinia; Sicily; S Italy;
Growth habit  
Leaves to 14 cm long, oval, sinuate lobed, pinnate, with 7-9 pairs of narrow, pointed lobes, grey green pubescent beneath; tertiary veins evident;
Fruits acorn on a 4 cm long stalk, with straight, free scales;

Bark, twigs and

Hardiness zone, habitat not quite hardy;
Miscellaneous -- Closely related to Q.pubescens, bur for Govaerts (and others) it is a true species.
Subspecies and