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  Quercus brevicalyx
Author A.Camus 1948

Cyclobalanopsis yingjiangensis Y.C.Hsu et Q.Z. Dong 1983
yingjiangensis (Y.C.Hsu & Q.Z.Dong) Govaerts 1998

Local names ying jiang qing gang;
Range Laos; China (W Yunnan); 2500 m;
Growth habit tree to 20 m; 
Leaves 8-13 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, elliptic; margin denticulate except near base; base rounded or slightly cuneate; acuminate apex; more or less pubescent beneath, with tufts of stellate hairs; 12-16 pairs of lateral veins; petiole 2-2.5 cm long;
Fruits acorn depressed, 2-3 cm in diametre, with stylopodium evident; basal scar very broad; cup half-round, more or less flattened, 3 cm in diametre, with crenate-toothed rings;

Bark, twigs and

young shoot glabrous, with few lenticels;
Hardiness zone, habitat  not hardy; 
Miscellaneous -- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis
-- Section Glauca, sub-section Oxyodontes (Menitsky);
Subspecies and