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  Quercus blaoensis

A. Camus 1936

Local names
Range Vietnam (Khanh Hoa Province, Hon Ba Nature Reserve; 200-1100 m;
Growth habit 15 m high;

8-12 cm x 2.8-3.5; coriaceous; lanceolate; base attenuate; apex acuminate; hairless both sides when adult; adaxially smooth, green; beneath whitish, somewhat waxy; margin not undulate, serrate in apical 1/3, with short, hard teeth; midrib slightly raised adaxially, prominent beneath; 8-13 vein pairs, not evident above, prominent beneath, at an angle of 35° from the midrib; petiole 0.9-1.8 cm long, at first yellowish tomentose, then glabrescent;

Flowers female catkins 1.5 cm long, tomentose, bearing2-3 flowers; 4 styles; stigmas very thick;

acorn 1.8 cm long, 1.7 cm wide, shortly ovoid, densely hairy, depressed at apex, mucronate; cupule enclosing 2/3 of the nut (to which it is very adherent), half-round, 1.8-2 cm in diameter, tomentose, with 8 rings of nearly entire scales ; basal scar slightly convex;

Bark, twigs and

twig thick, densely yellowish tomentose, then glabrous, dark brown, with white lenticels; bud shortly ovoid, with rounded scales;
Hardiness zone, habitat evergreen broadleaves forests;

-- Camus n° 27;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Threatened (IUCN Red List Category : CR)

-- For a long time this taxon is considered as a synonym of Q. langbianense; today, after the study of Binh & al. 2018, it is included in the "Q. langbianensis Complex";


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