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  Quercus argentata
Author Korth. 1844 Verh. Nat. Gesch. Ned. Bezitt., Bot. 215 1844.
Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis argentata (Korth.) Oerst. 1867
pinanga Bl. 1851
wilhelminae Seemen 1906
Lithocarpus argentatus (Korth.) Merr. 1934
Local names pinang pinang
Range Borneo; Sumatra; Malacca; Western Java; to 2700 m on Kinabalu Mount;
Growth habit 30 m and more; trunk to 1 m in diam.
Leaves 10-20 cm long, 3-8 cm wide; leathery; elliptic, oblong, lanceolate or oblanceolate; slightly glaucous, glabrous and bright above; dull below with dense silvery stellate tomentum, glabrescent; margin entire, revolute; apex sharply acute or acuminate; base attenuate, rounded or acute, slightly asymmetrical; 10-17 pairs of secondary veins, parallel, impressed above, strongly raised beneath, at 50-75° angled with the midrib; thin, sulcate, glabrous, 1-4 cm long petiole; 
Flowers from July to September ; male inflorescences 5-10 cm long, densely hairy; male flowers hairy; female inflorescences 2-3 cm long, many flowered, densely hairy ; female flowers with 3-4 pubescent styles 1 mm long; no staminodes ;
Fruits acorn 2-3 cm long and 1.5-2 cm in diameter, ovoid or cylindrical; cup with 8-12 concentric rings, covering 1/3 to 1/2 of nut; thick ringed peduncle; maturing between October and May;

Bark, twigs and

smooth, pale grey bark; twig glabrous, greyish brown, densely covered with warty, brown lenticels; terminal bud ovoid to globose, glabrescent, 2-3 mm long; stipules hairy, linear, 3-5 mm;
Hardiness zone, habitat not hardy;
Miscellaneous -- A. Camus : tome 1, p. 311, n° 58;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Section Cyclobalanoides (Menitsky)

Subspecies and