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  Quercus x albescens
Author Rouy ex A.Camus 1935
Synonyms ilex x pubescens
= x  subalbescens A.Camus 1939
Local names  
Range SE France; NE Spain (near Zaragoza);
Growth habit  

4-8 x 2,5-4 cm, semi-evergreen, thick, subleathery; adaxially slightly pubescent at first, becoming glabrous; tomentose beneath, becoming more or less glabrous at fall; apex obtuse; base asymmetrical or truncate; margin wavy, dentate or sublobate, with pointed, irregular teeth; midrib prominent beneath; 5-7 vein pairs, with sometimes sinusal ones; petiole tomentose 0.5-1 cm;

Fruits acorn on very short peduncle with attenuate apex, stylopodium hairy, basal scare small, stigmas divergent; cup with appressed, triangular, pubescent scales;

Bark, twigs and

both twigs and 2-3 mm long buds tomentose; twig glabrous at the end of the season; bud with more scales than Q. ilex;
Hardiness zone, habitat  
Miscellaneous not a stable hybrid;
Subspecies and