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 Quercus acuta
AuthorThunb. in Murray 1784
Synonyms Cyclobalanopsis acuta (Thunb. in Murray) Oerst. 1867
buergeri Blume 1851
marginata Blume 1851
laevigata Blume 1851
angustifolia hort.
acuta var. acutiformis Nakai 1929
Local namesjapanese green oak; okagashi;
RangeJapan; Taiwan; South Korea; China; introduced in Europe in 1878;
Growth habitreaches 10 m tall, with a trunk 30 cm in diameter, but more often shrubby in cultivation; rounded crown;
Leaves 5-18 cm long, 2-6 cm wide; oval to elliptic, entire, persistent, leathery; the wavy margin is sometimes few toothed; apex acuminate; base cuneate to rounded; lustrous dark green above, paler below; 8-13 pairs of lateral veins; large petiole to 2-3 cm, orangish pubescent, slightly compressed.
Flowerspistillate flowers on 5 cm long stems; male flowers with 10-12 stamens; 3-4 short styles;
Fruits elliptic orangish brown acorns to 2cm long, clustered on stalk to 4-5 cm long; narrow raised scar;  downy cup with 5-8 concentric rings of narrow, hairy scales; ripenning first year;

Bark, twigs and

dark grey brown, shallowly furrowed, smooth bark ; pubescent orangish young twigs, becoming glabrous and dark brown; pale yellow, conical buds;
Hardiness zone, habitata little tender (hardiness zone 8); prefers a lime-free soil; rather slow growing;
Miscellaneous-- A. Camus : n 5;
-- Sub-genus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis;
-- Section Acuta (Menitsky);
-- very rare in cultivation;
-- hybridizes with Q.glauca = Q.x idzuensis Makino 1965;
Subspecies and
-- var. paucidentata (Franch.) J.C.Liao
-- var. sinensis Chun :
China (Guizhou), 700 m;