Quercus praeco Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3-4 mm.), fluted, very densely and persistently tomentose. Buds reddish when abraded, densely
yellow-tomentose through the growing season, rounded, 2-3 mm. in diameter, with persistent setaceous stipules.
Leaves deciduous, elliptical or somewhat widened upwards, very obtuse, rounded at base, undulate, moderate
(2.5-4.5 x 7-8 cm.), from minutely yellow-scurfy-tomentulose becoming glossy, blue-green when abraded and
more or less impressed-reticulate above, paler and gray stellate-tomentose beneath; veins about 14 pairs, looped;
petiole yellow-tomentose, 10 mm. long. Catkins ?. Fruit annual, mostly paired at end of a very yellowtomentose
peduncle 2 x 15-40 mm.; cup deeply cup- or bell-shaped, with rather coarse and loose thin acute yellowish-canescent
scales with brick-red tips, abruptly inflated to 25 mm. and with its margin inrolled; acorn ellipsoid, somewhat cobwebby
above, 20 mm. long, about halfincluded in the much larger cup.