Quercus panduriformis Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (about 3 mm.), somewhat fluted, rather persistently tomentose, with
conspicuous pale lenticels. Buds glabrate, ovoid, 2-3 x 3-5 mm. Leaves deciduous ?,
broadly elliptical or obovate, typically obtuse, rounded at base, more or less pandurately
narrowed, repand or in one form almost lobed, large (5-10 x 10-20 cm.), rather thick
and firm, glossy green and from puberulent glabrescent above, sparingly tomentose
beneath; veins about 8-10 pairs, at most obscurely looped: petiole puberulent, some
5 mm. long. Catkins?. Fruit annual, mostly paired on tomentose peduncles 10-25 mm.
long; cup deeply saucer-shaped, moderate (15 mm. in diameter), with close acute
pale-tomentose scales rather tuberculate at base: acorn ovoid, less than half-included.
Western Sierra Madre region of Mexico.