Quercus invaginata Trel. 1924

Twigs rather slender (2-3 mm.), scarcely fluted, densely and persistently gray-tomentose. Buds rather
glossy brown, from canescent glabrate, round-ovoid, 2 x 3 mm. Leaves deciduous, elliptical, rather
rounded at each end or subtruncate at base, sharply serrate or dentate above, small
(1.5-2 x 3-4 cm.),
glossy green and glabrous above, shortly but densely gray- or white-tomentose beneath; veins
8-10 pairs ,
sometimes forking but hardly looped; petiole gray-tomentose,
1 x 5-10 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual,
subsessile or paired on a peduncle scarcely
10mm. long; cup turbinate, rather large, with fine appressed
acute canescent scales with red tips, inflated to
20 mm. and with its margin inrolled; acorn obellipsoid,
gray above,
10 x 15 mm., less than half included in the much larger cup.