Quercus hypoxantha Trel. 1924

Twigs rather slender (2-3 mm.), fluted, either glabrescent and brownish gray or persistently hoary in the second or even the third year. Buds glossy brown, puberulent, ovoid, 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves evergreen, ovate-elliptical, aristately acute, shallow-cordate, pungently aristate-serrate, crisped and revolute, small (2 x 4 cm.), glabrous and glossy above, denudably yellow scurfy-tomentulose beneath; veins about 6 pairs, branched but scarcely looping, the very minute venulation little raised; petiole tomentose, about 1 x 5 mm. Catkins: male at first cobwebby, the young flowers red-purple; female 5-10 mm. long, 1- or 2-flowered at end of the glabrous glossy red peduncle, the glabrescent young cup-scales very blunt and the styles elongated. Fruit ?.