Quercus excelsa Liebm. 1854

Twigs moderate (3 mm.), little fluted, glabrous, dull light gray with rather prominent lenticels of the same color.
Buds glossy red-brown, ovoid, 2 x 2-4 mm., the upper with per sistent stipules. Leaves deciduous, oblanceolate,
acute or subacuminate, cuneate or, when less narrowed, obliquely somewhat rounded at base, nearly entire to
typically coarsely rather incurved-serrate from below the middle with the teeth callous-tipped, somewhat crisped
and revolute, large (5-11 x 15-25 cm.), glossy green and glabrous on both faces; veins mostly about 20 pairs,
obscurely looped, the reticulation raised on both sides; petiole glabrous, 2 x 2-5 or exceptionally 10 mm. Catkins?.
Fruit annual?, subsessile; cup shallow saucer-shaped, large (35 mm. in diameter), with somewhat thickened or
broad-keeled small appressed blunt more or less persistently tomentulose scales; acorn elongated-ovoid,
40-50 mm. long, covered at the base only.