Quercus depressipes Trel. 1924

Twigs rather short, slender (1-2 mm.), somewhat fluted, glabrous and evanescently pruinosse, red-brown, the bark
soon creacking and checked like alligator skin. Buds
rather glossy brown, glabrous, rounded, about 1 mm in diameter.
Leves deciduous ?, firm, round-elliptical, very obtuse or apiculate, cordate with typically closed sinus, entire or with
several mucros or very short teeth above, nearly flat, very small (1-1.5 x 1.5-2 cm.), dull, glabrous; veins about 8 pairs,
looped, little raised; petiole depressed through the leaf-sinus, glabrous and pruinose, as is sometimes the base of the
midrib beneath, 1 x 2 mm. Catkins: male scarcely 20 mm. long, somewhat cobwebby, rather closely flowered, the glabrous
roundish anthers little exserted; female short, about 2-flowered. Fruit annual, on a stellate peduncle scarcely 10 mm. long;
cup flaring-hemispherical, moderate (12-15 mm. in diameter), with somewhat thickened closely appressed rather blunt
dingy-canescent red-tipped scales; acorn round-ovoid, about 10 mm. long, transiently glaucous, half-included.