Quercus corrugata Hooker.

Twigs moderate (2-4 mm.), somewhat fluted, glabrate, dull buff with rather prominent pale lenticels. Buds
somewhat glossy brown, round-ovoid, 3 x 3-4 mm. Leaves deciduous?, subelliptical-lanceolate, acute or
rather attenuate at apex, rather oblique and more or less rounded at base, subentire to mostly incurved-serrate,
narrowly revolute, rather large (3-4 or 6 x 10-15 or 18 cm.), glossy and glabrous on both faces or slightly
puberulent beneath; veins about 10-12 pairs scarcely looped, the reticulation little elevated; petiole glabrate,
1 x 10-20 or 30 mm. Catkins?. Fruit annual, sessile; cup half-round, very large (30-50 or 60 mm. in diameter),
with rather thick-based scarcely spreading pointed yellow-tomentose scales; acorn ovoid, typically corrugated,
especially below, half-included.