Quercus coffeaecolor Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (2-3 mm.), somewhat fluted, glabrous, rather glossy red or purplish becoming gray
with numerous small prominent lenticels. Buds glossy brown, glabrate with ciliate scales, round-ovoid,
2 mm. in diameter. Leaves deciduous, broadly elliptical or slightly widened upwards, very obtuse or
somewhat deltoid-pointed and occasionally aristate, truncate or concave at base, entire or irregularly
low-repand, moderate (6-7 x 8-10 cm.), dull, minutely sharp-venulose, blue-green and glabrous above,
the (dried) coffee-brown under surface glabrous except for axillary tufts; veins about 8 paires, rather
indefinitely looped; petiole glabrous, 15-25 mm. long. Catkins?. Fruit biennial, solitary or 2 or 3 on a
short stalk; cup deep-saucershaped, rather small (12 mm. in diameter), with thin appressed blunt
brown-puberulent scales; acorn canescent, less than one-third included.