Quercus chihuahuensis Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3 mm.), somewhat fluted, staringly yellowish-tomentose and remaining hoary for several years.
Buds glossy red-brown, glabrate, round-ovoid, 2 mm. in diameter. Leaves deciduous, elliptical-oblong or obovate,
obtuse, round-based or cordate, on the same specimen from entire or undulate ranging into rather deeply
crenate-dentate, especially above, more or less revolute in the sinuses, moderate (3-5 or 6 X 6-9 or 11 cm.),
blue-green and yellowstellate, but rather glossy when abraded, above, stellate-tomentose beneath and duller
when abraded; veins about 8-10 pairs, often with evanescent intermediates, frequently branching, obscurely
looped near the margin if at all, the reticulation little raised; petiole long-tomentose, 1.5-2 X 3-5 or 7 mm. Catkins:
male 40 mm. long, hairy, rather closely flowered, the ellipsoid glabrous anthers exserted; female slender, 16-25 mm.
or more long, several-flowered above. Fruit annual, on tomentose peduncles 2 x 15-35 or even 60 mm., either at the
end or in clusters; cup half-round, rather small (10-15 mm. in diameter), with thin close rather blunt red-tipped hoary
scales; acorn ovoid, half-included; the fruit varying remarkably even on the same specimen in size, form, and distribution.