Quercus chartacea Trel. 1924

Twigs moderate (3 mm.), little fluted, evanescently golden stellate-fleecy, red-brown with conspicuous white lenticels.
Buds red-brown, glabrate, ovoid, 2x3 mm. or more, the upper most with setaceous stipules. Leaves partly evergreen,
elliptical to broadly lanceolate or obovate, acute or submucronate to obtuse or emarginate, rather round at base,
entire or repand or serrate, rather large (4 x 9 to mostly 6-8 x 12-14 cm.), glossy green and essentially glabrous
above, closely and rather tightly dingy-tomentose beneath; veins about 10-12 pairs, red, ending in short callous tips,
forking but scarcely looped; petiole red, glabrate, 2-3 x 5-10 mm. Catkins: male hardly 30 mm. long, rusty-floccose,
closely flowered, the round glabrous anthers little exserted. Fruit annual, one or several on a scurfy or glabrescent
peduncle 2 x 20-40 mm.; cup half-round, moderate (about 15 mm. in diameter), with rather thin staring acute
rusty-tomentose brown scales; acorn ovoid, fully half-included.