Quercus ariaefolia Trel. 1924

Twigs rather stout (3 mm.), fluted, from tomentose glabrescent and buff with inconspicuous small lenticels.
Buds dull brown, glabrate,.ovoid, some 2 x 3 mm. Leaves deciduous, elliptical or slightly widened upwards,
very obtuse, entire or very slightly repand or exceptionally somewhat crenate-serrate near the end, rounded
or slightly acute at base, slightly revolute, rather large (4-6 x 9-10 cm.), detachably dingy-tomentose beneath,
the denuded surface granular-bullate; veins about 10 pairs, a little branched but hardly looping; petiole
tomentulose or glabrescent, about 10 mm. long. Catkins?. Fruit annual, paired near the end of a tomentose
or glabrescent stalk (2 x 30 mm., or with an extra whorl when this is elongated to 60 mm.; cup rather shallow
and large (18-20 mm. in diameter), with slightly keeled loose acute tomentulose scales: acorn?.