Quercus alvarezensis Trel. 1924

Twigs rather stout (3-4 mm.), somewhat fluted, more or less persistently
tomentose, becoming brown with small rather inconspicuous lenticels.
Buds rather glossy red-brown, glabrescent or the outer scales hairy, ovoid,
some 2 x 3 mm. Leaves deciduous, obovate, very obtuse, somewhat cordate,
openly crenate, flat, moderate (4-5.5 x 8-9 cm.), stellate-tufted with tawny
puberulence beneath, little granular when denuded; veins about 8 pairs, scarcely
looping; petiole scurfy or glabrescent, 5 mm. long. Catkins ?. Fruit annual,
somewhat clustered, on rather stout more or less scurfy peduncles 30 or
40 mm. long; cup half-round, moderate (12-15 mm. in diameter), with
rather thick appressed very tomentose acute scales; acorn rounded,
nearly included.
Mexican table-land.