Quercus alpescens Trel. 1924.

Twigs rather slender (2-3 mm.), very tomentose. Buds brown, glabrescent, small, ovoid. Leaves
deciduous, broadly elliptical, rounded at both ends, sharply serrate, crisped and strongly revolute,
small (1-1.5 x 2-2.5 cm.), reticulately impressed and subglabrous and glossy above, densely t
omentose beneath; veins about 6 pairs, scarcely looped; petiole hairy, about 2 mm. long. Catkins ?.
Fruit annual, subsessile; cup deep-saucer-shaped, rather small (10 mm. in diameter), with thin
appressed acute scales; acorn oblong, some 10 mm. long, scarcely one-third included.